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      Sunday June 3rd
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Ana Mendes  is the recipient of this year’s Act-Arriaga Prize from the ACT Performing Arts Festival, in Bilbao, Spain, with her performance of ‘Self-Portrait’.  “For the originality, for the economy and simplicity of the staging, for the style and mode of delivery, for the dramatic writing, and the efficacy and clarity of the concept.”

Ana s a multidisciplinary artist and playwright living in London.  She combines video, photography, sound and text in order to develop projects that quite often deal with memory, oppression, identity and immigration. Her work is based in the idea of movement and rhythm. She studied Communication Sciences in Portugal, animation film in France, performance in London and fine arts in Germany. Ana’s works have been shown widely in Europe, China, EUA and Canada. She was the recipient of several awards, including the Calouste Gulbenkian Fellowship 2010 (PT), ACC Gallery and City of Weimar 2012 (DE), City of Albufeira Playwrigth Award 2010 (PT) and Artistas Unidos Theatre Competition 2008 (PT). Ana is a published writer in Portugal, France and Brazil.

Self-Portrait” is a play about my identity. Over the years, I collected my personal records (medical examinations, radiographies, vaccines) and wondered what’s the role that our heritage plays in our life. It could be an interrogatory, an inquiry or, even, a manifesto against all the questionnaires that we have to answer during our lives, but it isn’t. It is just a self-portrait. Perhaps, an automatic self-portrait.”Self-Portrait” recently won prize of Act Performing Arts Festival, in Bilbao.

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