Ane Lan

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      Sunday June 10th @ 7pm dfb
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Ane Lan is a Norwegian artist working in the field of performance, music and experimental film/video. In his performance works, he often stages himself in a different identities based on either gender, race, religion, or class.

By this obvious impersonation he wants to examine how identity and power are constructed and structured through defining “the other” different than “us”.

PERSONA” is presented in a White Cube Gallery space, and takes form as a occult ritual, investigating the worshiping of personality in contemporary media Industry though the diffuse concept: stage charisma. A female dancer goes through different emotional and psychological stages revealing a complex relationship to the audience and her 6 male accompanies. PERSONA invites to a contemporary reading of Freuds Narcissism complex through references to early 20th century feminist performance strategies by women artists as Valerie de Saint-Point, Mary Wigman, Vera Fokina and others, and the exploration of the psyche in 1968 Ingmar Bergman film PERSONA. With Beata Kretovicova Iden (Iceland)

supported by: Norwegian Arts Council Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

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