Anya Liftig

  • Feature:
      Tuesday June 5th
  • Project:
      Dining In
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Anya Liftig  “I try, with increasing difficulty, to insert myself into the natural and manmade world. I want to break though the boundaries of personal solitude and subjectivity with my body.”

Each project begins with an attempt to do something fearful, something that terrifies me. Often I repeat actions in order to try to push harder and harder past the point of my own comfort. I want the viewer to also challenge their assumptions about what is comfortable, what is right, and what is supposed to make sense. I use repetition of simple actions to highlight the poetry of the unfolding of time and the absurdity of the action itself. These actions mostly originate from desires I had as a child, but could not be expressed until now.”

My artistic process has involved a constant peeling back or formality, a reversion to some more primitive version of the self. These pieces are about the ongoing struggle to connect with people, places and things, and the correlating difficulty of making sense of the world. My work is preoccupied with the need to communicate with other living beings and the frequent failure of that endeavor.”

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