Arianne Foks

Arianne Foks is a multidicsiplinary artist, she creates installation, drawing, photography and her main medium is Performance art. As she adapts her work to the space, she sees it as a site specific working process.

Her work is made of words, colors, rhythm, architecture, partners, pop-culture, folklore, personal mythology… She adapts her work to the context, the space, the local environment, it’s a response to what she sees and hears. It’s what she loves, what she hates.

That’s why she tries to move around, walking without any destination in an unknown city. Being able to collect images, local habits and folklore to integrate them into her work, using it as a way of shaping her own identity. Because it’s a lot about identity, and how the physical reality of it can be shaped in different ways. It’s also a question of desire, how desire produces a new body? She defines it as a creation of a personal mythology, she transforms herself into a horse or a frog, or she writes a text with kisses, sharing with the audience a particular moment.

RP12 photos by Rosa Gaia Saunders

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