Autumn Hays

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      Monday June 4 @ 7pm electrodes dfb
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Autumn Hays works primarily in time based art and uses a wide variety of media. Born in San Diego, CA she received an honors BA in visual arts and writing from UCSD. She also works as a curator, writer, activist, organizer and teacher.

Hays has won numerous awards for her work and studies including various leadership awards, artistic merit awards and Jack Kent Cooke awards. Currently Hays resides in Chicago as she is pressuring her MFA in performance art at the SAIC. Her focus surrounds issues of morality, social injustice, cognitive dissonance, and the decline of the natural human being.

Degeneration”  What is the labor of decay within the body. The displacement of flesh as mud and dirt. Displaying the shame of struggle. One trap leads to another. The body as house crumbles at it’s joints. Your weight’s worth in clay. The weight of the enduring. A loss of functioning provides evidence of lacking order. The more you push the more it crumbles.

RP12 photos by Rosa Gaia Saunders

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