Branko Miliskovic

Branko Miliskovic was born in 1982 in Belgrade/Serbia. Born in Former Yugoslavia he was the last generation of Marshall Tito’s Pioneers. In 1989 Yugoslavia broke up and he has started his basic education passing through the period of isolation, embargo, inflation and devastation of his country.

After having completed the secondary school for Architecture, Miliskovic studied Polytechnic High School (Industrial Design) and Faculty of Fine Arts , class of Mrdjan Bajic in Belgrade/Serbia. In 2007 he made a transfer to the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague / The Netherlands and obtained his BA degree in 2009. Branko Miliskovic is faitfuly dedicated to the Time Based Arts using his body and personality for establishing  purified communication with the audience, creating living images and  dealing with his national and emotive background. Miliskovic sees his work as a linear system of designated and highly self controlled situations in progression through which he is passing , aiming to leave a permanent trace and bring his own standards. Branko Miliskovic is particularly devoted to a long term works, living installation, cabaret, film and video. Branko Miliskovic is currently finishing his ‘MA’ in Time Based Arts , class of Jeanne Faust at HFBK, Hamburg / Germany.

Branko Miliskovic was working on his live performance entitled “The Song of a Soldier on Watch” and was inspired by one of the most controversial German love songs, “Lili Marlene”  the  song of which one thought it could lead to an individual and collective resistance of the soldiers on the front. In this performance he inhabits the body of both Lili Marlene and of the soldier, aiming to achieve an extraordinary fusion of both genders and to create an androgenic type, or perhaps even more likely the WWIII-version of Lili Marlene.

Video credits: Branko Miliskovic
“The Song of a Soldier on Watch” ( WW3 Lili Marlene )
Camera : Silvano Magnone

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