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      Friday June 1st @ 7pm dfb
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      The Church of Contemporary Art
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Church of Contemporary Art (CoCA) seeks to provide secular fellowship to cultural workers throughout our region and the world. Inclusive in nature, CoCA provides arts professionals with a much-needed alternative to traditional fundraising. CoCA accepts members of all disciplines.

No matter what you identify as, “We are what you need.” Our communion ceremony consists of a diet of gourmet-cubed marshmallows and Kool-Aid spiked with vodka (the body and blood of art). Through performances, sound, video, sculpture, painting, and photography, CoCA pairs the rituals and relics of religion with the seductive allure of contemporary art. On June 1st CoCA will share its message with the international performance art community and the city of Chicago at the Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival. Please join us for a very special communion service on June 1st at 7PM. On June 2nd and 3rd there will be sliding scale counseling sessions given by CoCA members at ACRE Projects in Pilsen in conjunction with CoCA co-founder, Angela Watters’s exhibition, Artifacts from the Basement of the Church of Contemporary Art.

Artifacts by Jessica Allee, conceptual artist, experimental film curator and designer. Working within the crossroads between architecture, art, and activism, Allee’s work focuses on the balance between human equity and personal diversity. Video direction and lyrics by Wago Kreider, media artist, curator, and educator. His work explores contemporary strategies of artistic reenactment, and the reconstruction of cinematic history. Musical Score by Jay Needham, sound artist, electro-acoustic composer and scholar. Through his work he seeks to activate listening as an irreplaceable component of an artistic cognitive process. Written and directed by Angela Watters, multi-disciplinary artist and educator. She is a 2012-2013 recipient of a Terminal Award for new media for The Poor House, a participatory project about the student loan debt problem.

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