Erik Hokanson

Erik Hokanson is a performance artist and Director of Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement: “The most common, stable, and reliable states of the universe are the qualities of darkness and cold. We live in a very unusual condition of relative warmth and light. We are living here (earth) –‐humans, spiders, grass, fish, carrots, bacteria, mice, viruses. We are all related. We need to eat each other. It is the price of peace, beauty, security, humor, love, and hope. Our bodies, like those of all other organisms here, are communities ofcells working together essentially for their own preservation. We will all become food for something someday. The sun will make our place food for it self some day. I do not know what will eat the sun. Then it will likely become cold and dark. I take comfort in this. I like natural states.”

Fresh Ground Pepper. Performance “Don’t Be Scared, Yoko” Oct. 31, 2011
Meme Gallery (last Meme Gallery show). Cambridge, Mass
Living Walls Festival. Albany, NY “Shave Me” Sept. 2011
Involvment in Non Grata-form performance, Dec 19 2010
Network Tape Loop: Fountain Art Fair Miami 2010
Noodle Brain: Grace Exhibition Space Dec 19, 2010
Parts in Layers: Live Action New York: Nov3, 2010
Community Head Shaving: Grace Exhibition Space, Oct15
Two untitled performances at Infr’Action Performance art Festival, Sete, France,
Sept15- 19
2010 Wedding in The Fountain at Town Square, Sete France, with Jill Mcdermid, Faust
Grossi, and lots of help.
Performances at KEAF Performance Art Festival, Seoul, Korea, July 24-Aug 1: Kumiho:
Collaborative performance with Jill McDermid
Setting Our Sins Free Untitled performance at Frying Pan, New York City June 30, 2010
Untitled Performance, Lumen Festival, Staten Island, June 26, 2010
Explanation of the Universe: Grace Exhibition Space June 18, 2010
Untitled Performance at “Performancear o Morir” Festival, Chihuahua, Mexico, March
29-April 10, 2010
14 performances while on Diverse Universe European Performance Art Tour, April 26-
June4, 2010: –
Porn on body –Parnu –
Cherry and Banana Sundae -Riga –
My Stomach and the Lithuanian National Cake -Alytus, Lit.
-Egg, Candle, Mirror -Berlin –
Cherry, Banana Sundae -Berlin
-Abu Gahraib -Cologne
-Abu Gahraib/Egg -Tolouse
-Nature/Nurture -Barcelona
-Universe -Sabadelle, Paris, Malmo
-I’m Just Thinking -Paris
-Burn Myself in Effigy -Pori
– Maximum Perception Performance@ English Kills Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. December
11, 2009
Untitled. Link. -Fountain Art Fair. Miami, Florida December 5 2009.
Untitled.Link. and Link -Live Action New York, November 10, 2009. At Grace
Exhibition Space, Brooklyn NY
Barbecuing Steak Over Pile of Burning Cash (cant find images)
– A series of pieces collectively titled: Eat it and Weep.
1. SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Sacramento CA. May 28-30 2009. Link
2.Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY as a part of Rodney Dickson’s installation;
Fucked Up March 6, 2009 Link
3.Open International Performance Festival, Beijing, China, September 6, 2009
-Raising the Red Lantern Performance Event, Newark NJ, July 18, 2009 Lush Life. Link
-There Is Blood on Our Hands
Performance executed at Jajo Gallery, Newark NJ, November 15, 2008
Performed with the help of: Germaul Barnes, Rachel Hoffman, Jill McDermid
– Diverse Universe Performance Art Festival, 2008 Series of five related pieces done
collaboratively with artist Jill Mcdermid:
1. May 21, 2008 Performance Event at Parnu Art House. Parnu, Estonia.Link
2.May 23, 2008 Diverse Universe Off-Topic, Polymer Factory, Tallin, Estonia Link
3.May 24, 2008 Art Contact Performance Event in Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland Link
4. May 26, 2008 Live performance event in Parnu Artist House, Parnu, Estonia.Link
5.May 29, 2008 Diverse Universe Live Performance program in Estonian Art Museum
Education, Swain School of Design, New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A 1987-1989

RP12 photos by Tim Adamczyk

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