Gerald Zahn

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      Tuesday June 5th
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      Just 5 more minutes / Nur noch 5 Minuten
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Gerald Zahn was born in 1971 in Bruck an der Mur / Austria. He graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in Pedagogic, Ethnology and Science of Communication and also holds a diploma in Multimedia design. He works in Vienna as a media and video artist.

In his work he explores the phenomena of contemporary life and the aesthetic of the entertainment industry. His work integrates different media and is often presented in a form of abstract collections, which focus on the detection of hidden, but prevalent standards. In many of his films and video installations, Gerald Zahn slows down the narrative by using static photography rather than traditional film or by deciding against the usual succession of fast cuts and instead letting the story unfold in a tableau.

Just 5 more minutes / Nur noch 5 Minuten © 2010
a film by Gerald Zahn
with Mario Rott
This is a film you have to take time for. As a study of time in cinematic perception, Viennese media artist Gerald Zahn visualizes 5 minutes by filming a person holding his breath for the duration of the film.In contrast with the casual disregard for mere 5 minutes in the film title, the film fills this period with significance. The emotional turmoils on the actor’s face as he fights through every second on the stop-watch, make 5 minutes a cinematic era of tension, impatience, doubt and expectation.

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