Igor Josifov

  • Feature:
      Saturday June 9th @ 7pm dfb
  • Project:
      Present Memories
  • Artist Talk:
      Friday June 8th @ 2pm HUB
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Igor Josifov is famous for the diversity in his multiple works and the way he uses the human body to share his views and messages about our contemporary world. As a performance artist he uses all types of media to create his performances and to express himself. His works seem to all have a touch of theatricality, being quite striking visuals offering various metaphoric meanings.

“My work is based on psychoanalysis through perception and experiences of the world and the reality of culture, morals, and ethics. The subject of my work deals with death, loss, finding the self and social commentary. I have come to a level where the most important and primary medium is my body.”

Present Memories” is a performance installation in which Josifov comments on the process of entering and moving through different mental constructs that artists embody during performance. He will perform elements from five previous works in this revisiting process: Purification Process, PPP Mental Prison, 2 Dimensional, and Reflection on Originality. All of these works are anchored in visual and body art and have a through line of endurance. This is a durational work during which Josifov casts himself as a signifying body in a field of social semiotics and uses performance and visual representation to explore psychoanalytic themes such as identity, death, loss, and the status of the ego in contemporary society.

RP12 photos by Diandra Miller

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