Ivana Stojakovic

Ivana Stojakovic is interested in the unconscious, she tends to make it material by using different, sometimes contrasted media, which leads her toward the complex conceptual work. Through experimental attempts, Ivana tries to connect her spiritual roots with new technologies.

(1976) Ivana is a visual artist based in Belgrade (Serbia) and Bandung (Indonesia). She graduated at the University for Fine Arts in Belgrade, and done her Magister thesis at the same Faculty. For a three years have been studied Indonesian theatre and art at STSI – University of Art in Bandung(Indonesia). At present she is attending specialist studies at ITB (Institute technology in Bandung, Indonesia). Until now she realized 12 solo exhibitions and projects and took part in more than 70 group exhibitions, festivals and workshop in Europe and Indonesia.

Video “3 x 3” is conceived as a self-portrait, presented in the form of a video dance performance. It is inspired by the Indian dance “1000 hand” and Indonesian  traditional dance, “Tari  topeng,” from which have taken masks. The white mask is symbol of wisdom, purity, and spirituality instead the red symbolizes ego, pride, and strength.  They are put in complementary relation and tell the classic story of the universal struggle between good and evil, wisdom and passion, spiritual and material in nature or human being. In support of the idea of impeccable, mathematical organization of everything in nature is numerological title “3 x 3” which results 9. Nine symbolizes wholeness (contains within itself the beginning and the end), wisdom and perfection. Although the idea for the title is actually the result of a technique and derived from the three figures and three transparent layers that are edited over each other at a certain time interval which in combination gives nine figures.

Author – Ivana Stojakovic
Camera & Sound – Bob Teguh
Editing image – Mihailo Janosevic
Editing sound – Rajko Sjekloca
Actors – Januar Ibrahim, Obin Ousborne & Ivana Stojakovic

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