Jennifer Mills

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      Sunday June 10 during the day @ HUB
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      Personalized Paintings
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Jennifer Mills is a performance artist and comedian living and working in Chicago. Her work focuses on the mass dissemination of original art pieces and her work is in collections around the world, including the Beth DeWoody Collection and the Steve Turner Contemporary Collection.

Mills received her post baccalaureate in performance and video studies in 2008 from the New York Center for Art and Media and her MFA in 2011 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she now teaches in the Contemporary Practices Department.
Personalized Paintings” is a performance and gift giving experiment that has been performed by Jennifer Mills in Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City. Dedicated to distributing original artwork to the masses, Mills will be holding one-on-one free consultations to the public, which will yield a personalized work of art made on-the-spot for the viewers to take home.
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