Jenny Magnus

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      Sunday June 10th
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Jenny Magnus is an interdisciplinary artist who brings composition, intention, rhythm, dynamics, and inventiveness to every form of making she encounters.

She has created hybrid forms of performance, music, images, and philosophy in her explorations and meditations about awareness, attention, and the performative moment She is a founding co-Artistic Director of the Curious Theater Branch, an all-original theater company, now entering it’s 25nd year, author/creator of plays that have been produced at Steppenwolf Theater, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, at the former Lunar Cabaret, the Prop Thtr and on tour throughout America and Europe. She has performed in many solo performances as well.

Robert is a video performance excerpt of a longer project based on the play The Willies, a performance of incubus and succubus. One of a series of monologues exploring the consequences of sleeplessness and being haunted, Robert tells the story of a man who finds himself in the “unlikely situation” of having an inexplicable growth coming from his body that binds him to things in ways he is uncomfortable with. Robert is a man who would be more comfortable being completely independent; yet he longs for the feelings of connection. He is so focused on his dilemma that he doesn’t notice anything happening around him; Robert is afraid of his own body and his feelings, and that keeps him even more isolated.

Written and Performed by Jenny Magnus
Camera by Stefan Brun
Editing by Jessica Hannah

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