Jon John

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      Saturday June 9th
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      Love to Love & Edges are Always Colder
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Jon John is a young french artist expatriated in Berlin. Just like the duality inside his name, his performance acts reveal two different aspects of himself which belong to each other..

The past few years, Jon John has been fascinated, concerned and obsessed with RITUALS. Body language, normality in today’s plastic beauty, fashion dictatorship, conformism, architecture and space, communication and language, eroticism and gender. ..are his favorite topics. This led him into involving his body into plastic mutations and physical live acts which are paradoxically mixed with poetic sensibility… Aside from his own performance acts, Jon John has gained recognition with his live surgery acts with Bastien, his stage partner for the project and concept “un autre corps”. .. Besides and in a lighter direction, you can also attend his aerial, twisted and sarcastic bondage entertainment shows, his politically incorrect stripe tease and lap dances, and many other performances, which he more generally calls “lightning entertainment” or “burlesque show”.
Love to Love” is ritual , paying tribute to the Romantic trend.The act deals with the question of love relationship, teasing, and their connection to the flesh, giving it own interpretation of the process. Does love belong to inaccessible, irrationality, exceedance?
Edges are Always Colder” Food ingestion refers to certain cycle, like love.The relationship with food has changed and have been changed in today s society, like love, like sex. When sex use to be related to pleasure at first sight, or love, it now more refers to death, like food.Cycle, ingestion, digestion, rejecting, so many loops, it happens again… Love is ritual.”Going through this ritual, eating those 14kg watermelon, slice by slice, with no breaks, in 45mn, i reach the transe, i piss over myself, i m noxious, i vomit, i start shaking…” Kiril Bikov and John Jon experience the process of food ingestion related to love and sex through this performance…

photo by Kirl Bikov

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