Les Fermières Obsédées

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      Friday June 1st @ 7pm dfb
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      I Want Candies [2012]
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Les Fermières Obsédées (F.O.) is a collective orchestrated by the founder members Annie Baillargeon and Eugénie Cliche, both visual and media artists. Now performing with the actress Marie-Pascale Picard. Since 2001, they bring an indiscipline into the genre of art action by their performances where symbolic and metaphoric images are linked up together.

They developed a visual language, allying the tragic and comic, as well as a crossover of several disciplines.

I want candies [2012]” by compositor and pianist Marie-Hélène Blay The Fermières carry out their performances by choreographing a woman’s relationship to her image: for instance, they inscribe their presence in a space by tracing their silhouette, by accentuating signs of femininity such as make-up or by gesturing to attract attention. Through exaggeration they succeed in staging the performativity of gender in a way that excludes any essentialist conception of a woman’s identity; an identity that they treat in a group dynamics of synchronized and disorganized actions that bear witness to constant relationship of the self to other.

RP12 photos by Mateo Binder

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