Ligia Manuela Lewis

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      Saturday June 9th
  • Project:
      Sensation 1 (Conviction Series)
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Ligia Manuela Lewis born in Santo Domingo(DR) but raised in USA is a dance artist currently working in Berlin(DE). She recieved her B.F.A from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005 and upon graduating moved to Europe.

In June 2012 she will participate as a performer for visual artist Tracy Rose in “The World is not Fair”-the Great World’s Fair 2012, an exhibition planned and realized by Hebbel am Ufer Theater (DE) and the architectural collective raumlaborberlin. In August 2012 she will construct a new solo work “but for real though i got money on my mind” as part of the Tanz im August festival in Berlin.

Ligia regularly engages in collaborative processes, including interpreting choreographies, alongside her own choreographic practice. These engagements are integral to her process. She is now developing a series of works which marry movement and sensation with the sensational- Sensation 1 (Conviction Series) is the first of these works with past presentations at Basso-berlin, Serendypia Festival (PL) and Tanz im August. Sensation 2 premiered earlier this year as a co-production with Sophiensaele Theater inside the festival Tanztage.

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