Ly Hoang Ly

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      Sunday June 3rd
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      Blood and Flowers
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Ly Hoang Ly is a Vietnamese visual artist and poet whose work explores the cycle of life and death; inside and outside. Human introversion and extroversion conflicts, traditions versus modernity are also present in her installations and performance art works. Sound is a crucial factor in her works.

Ly was invited to a International Writing Program at University of Iowa; Art Omi Residency, Ghent, NY; Cave Residency, Brooklyn; Samzie Space Residency, Seoul; Mekong Project Workshop Residency, Thailand and Laos. In 1999, Ly Hoang Ly received her BFA in oil painting from The Fine-Art University of Ho Chi Minh City. She is the first woman in Vietnam doing performance art since 2000. Currently, she is studying for her MFA in Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Fulbright Scholarship. Most recently she has been researching and exploring the relationship between human and the nature.

This was part of a full exhibition called “Changing Identity – Recent works by Women Artists from Vietnam” (2007 – 2009) curated by Nora A. Taylor, PhD and toured by International Arts & Artists. Concept: When we see the blossom of a flower, we must lose a drop of blood. If we want to own the blossom, we have to walk the street flooded with our own blood. Life comes from death and death is life. We see the Buddha’s enlightenment in the blossom of blood. Is it the mother’s way of life, or is it the life force of all living beings?

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