Monet Clark

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      Wednesday June 6th
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      Cross Voyeurism
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Monet Clark is a performance and video artist and she works in various other mediums. Her subjects often reference ways in which women are representation in media, culture and California subculture. Thematically she engages her viewer to look at the the juxtaposition of opposites, like the abject and the exalted, the beautiful and the horrific, or sex appeal and repulsion.

She is interested in her audience’s transcendence, through the act of looking and confronting. Utilizing the methodology of framing real life events as performances, her works are rituals for transmutation. They are raw and at the same time refined, wickedly humorous, and hold a powerful intimacy.

Monet’s exhibition of her work, halted when she fell seriously ill from chemical poisoning. She documented the stages of this experience in several bodies of works, bringing home a global issue via her personal experience. Subsequent to her decade long recovery, Monet again began to exhibit. This has included a screening at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2010 and a screening in conjunction with the Berkley Art Museum’s book Radical Light in 2011, and a solo show at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland, CA. Her expressions range from performance/video pieces, to multi frame video installations. She’s taken video-stills from a strip club and printed them to look like master paintings. She has transformed the pages of a family album and had them woven into photographic tapestries, tapestries being iconic of her hippy upbringing. She also works with photography, drawings, street art, and more.

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