Paggett & Lakein

taisha ciara paggett makes things and is interested in what bodies do. She believes language is tricky, thoughts are powerful, and that people are most beautiful when looking up.
David Lakein is a Chicago and Berlin based interdisciplinary artist, director-choreographer, performer, educator and writer, whose artwork swirls around the borders between theater, dance, cabaret, installation and performance art.

He is continuously drawn to exploring the tension between the ordinary and sublime and situating his performative creations on the fringes between the profoundly serious and ridiculously silly, especially in the intersections of daily life, metaphysics and spirituality. Lakein collaborates extensively with other artists, and performs-researches-teaches across the globin diverse venues, festivals and schools.
taisha’s been a Visiting Artist at the Dance Center of Columbia College since 2010. She holds an MFA from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and is a co-instigator of itch dance journal.
Dive Bar Wedding” is an interactive performance event in which the public becomes the friends and family of the bride/groom. The lead-up preparation chaos gives way to the main ritual events which flows into the party celebration. The performance seeks to engage the institution of marriage as a container to explore the act of shared ritual between witness and performer, and also to interrogate the value systems of gender, heteronormativity, race and privilege which marriage has historically advanced.
RP12 photos by Rosa Gaia Saunders
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