Regina Frank

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      Saturday June 2nd @ 7pm dfb
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      Monday June 4th @ 2pm HUB
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Regina Frank seeks ways to humanize our digital universe. Her performances sculpt space, sometimes creating physical objects that document the temporal relationship between virtual and real experience.

Regina Frank is sponsored by the German Consulate in ChicagoExplore Germany

“I’ve developed strategies of deceleration and reduction to give the participant/perceiver a taste of silence within a tumultuous world of acceleration and economic performance.”

I-Land” Mapping My Homeland. The landscape on the dress is a fabrication, inspired by and based on real satellite images. Berlin could be next to Fukushima, amalgamating the possibility of catastrophe with stability, melting dramatic changes for the people and the environment. No matter how large the illusion of safety, it can hit any of us at any time — we are only a few winds away from disturbance or even destruction.

RP12 photos by Chelsey Sprengler

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