Ryan Hawk

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      Tuesday June 5th
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      Thou Perspective
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Ryan Hawk’s work is multidisciplinary, often uniting performance with sculpture, video, painting, and drawing. gathering ideas from dreams, memories, and sociocultural beliefs, which often result in the investigation of paradoxes within a self-construction.

One of the most consistent characteristics of my practice is the idea of struggle. These struggles in my work are often communicated through the emphasis and articulation on transformations of the self through emotional and psychological reflections. I often place myself into the practice, using myself as a medium, to reflect onto the viewer a place to see me in a state of transformation that sets a basis for personal and emotional reflection in their self. — I believe the purpose of art is to inflict or inspire social change. Therefore within my practice, the changes I intend to assemble are the result of constant questioning, interpreting, arguing, contextualizing, and investigating the performative qualities of time within societies framework of ethical values; the construction of self resulting from everyday existence.

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