Sallie Smith

Sallie Smith’s performance based work attempts to examine the many conflicting traumas inflicted on peoples, mainly women through media absorption. Using performative gestures and different monologues Smith strives to gain insight and come into direct conflict with this loss and in turn perhaps achieve any real sense of self.

Performance Statement: “Unwanted pregnancy, PMS, the sport of womanhood is often a wild ride and we may still feel like we’re going nowhere fast. However, when I see that blood, at that right time, coming from the right place… I feel like I’ve just won the Tour De France.

Sallie Smith’s “Cycle“.  This cliff hanger will leave you on the edge of your seat as you witness Sallie race for the finish line with no end in sight. Stagnant tensions build as Sallie pedals through a woman’s 28 day cycle in this 28 minute live Performance, depicting the many emotional and physical obstacles during these 28 days. Be sure to witness “Cycle” as finally a finish line is in sight.

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