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      Tuesday June 5th
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      sin∞fin - Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass
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      HD DVD
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VestAndPage are German dancer and video artist Verena Stenke, and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes. They have been working together as VestAndPage since 2006, being among the most popular Italian representatives of contemporary Performance art.

Their works and live performances are presented at festivals, theaters, exhibitions and biennials in Europe, Asia, US, Latin America and Australia. VestAndPage present an educational approach to Performance art through workshops and conferences. Their theoretical investigations have been published in various books and magazines of contemporary art. Between 2010-2012 VestAndPage produced the trilogy film project “sin∞fin The Movie” in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, India, Kashmir and Antarctica. The poetics of VestAndPage are based on practices of personal risk-taking and loss of control, to open a discourse about the fragility and conflicts of personal and social responsibilities of nowadays. Their performances are always site-responsive and process-led through the action itself, thus creating a permanent sensation of vertigo. VestAndPage’s site-specific performances and installations have been realized and presented not only in white cubes or black boxes, but have been specifically conceived i.e. for the spaces of a Mexican women prison and an Italian luxury hotel suite, as well as inside postindustrial architectures such as an iron factory, a car park paternoster, or a disused industrial space. They are performing in response to natural surroundings and historical sites such as Hope Bay in Antarctica, the Indian foothills of Himalaya, a sheep farm in Tierra del Fuego, Northern Mexico’s Sierra Tarahumara, the Dead Sea in Israel, China’s Great Wall or Old Delhi’s 13th century ruins, in Patagonian wealthy pioneers’ houses and Venetian palazzos and museums’ courtyards. They collaborate with artists from various fields, as well as with international theater companies in production and education.

“sin∞fin – Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass”, produced in Antarctica, is the final episode of VestAndPage’s performance-based movie trilogy ”sin∞fin The Movie” and deals with the outer, comprehensive sphere of Universe and the Environment, in their complex encounters and collisions with the human sphere, where creation and destruction are evidence of transformation. “sin∞fin” is combining the ephemeral art of Performance with filmmaking, being a movie out of any filmic genre, set between reality and vision.

Antarctica 2012
A film by and with Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes
A VestAndPage production
In co-production with Direccion Nacional del Antartico, Buenos Aires and Thetis Spa, Venice. With the support of Zonadeartenaccion, Residencias del Sur and Spin Conectora Cultural, Buenos Aires. With music by Zai Kuning, Angie Seah and Black Sea Hotel. With hydrophone recordings of Antarctic Weddell seals callings courtesy by Douglas Quin. Texts by Andrea Pagnes, Laura Bucciarelli, Aisha Ryannon Pagnes.

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