Willem Wilhelmus

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      Friday, June 8th in electrodes @ 7pm and Sunday June 10th @ 7pm dfb
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Willem Wilhelmus lives and works in Helsinki. “I make holes in the time. A good piece of art will interrupt the steady stream of time. To create something like that in live art demands a “Fingerspitzengefühl”, an extreme sensitivity, for where I am, for what is happening around. I need to be able to use the attention, given by the audience, as a drive for my action: to give form to the fluid mix of ideas, feelings and sensations I carried along during preparation time. A clear shape in no time.”

I do this as an artist and invite others to do so as a curator-organizer of live art events (see www.newartcontact.org).

“I once met a mad poet who was shouting around, addressing nobody in particular: “Put a Finger between the Time!”. I understood immediately, but it took me some twenty years to take him serious in all consequence and concentrate on just that: making holes in the time.”

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