RAPID PULSE festival

micro-fest at Happy CollaborationistsHappy Collaborationists

          • Friday, June 1 @ 6pm: at play – Pete & Dyl
          • Saturday, June 2 @ 6pm: at rest – Jesus Mejia & Ruth
          • Friday, June 8 @ 6pm: at rest – Arthur Elsenaar
Artist Name: Pete & Dyl

Pete & Dyl

Pete & Dyl are Peter Frederiksen, Dylan Jones, and James Kozar. Together, they collaborate on short, improvised videos that closely resemble the world around them, focusing on life living with your best friend.

Artist Name: Jesus Mejia & RuthJesus Mejia and Ruth

Jesus Mejia & Ruth is a newly formed collaboration consisting of Jesus Mejia and Karen Bovinich, based in Chicago IL. Their sculptural and performative work combines the precession of time, history and the mechanics of knowing. Previous exhibitions includeBUILT Arts Festival, 24th Festival of Art in Alternative & Itinerant Spaces organized by 2nd Floor Rear, MDW Fair Fall Showcase, and will participate in Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary at Chicago’s Cultural Center in the fall of 2012.

Artist Name: Arthur Elsenaar (Netherlands)

electric kissThe Electric Kiss re-enacted The Electric Kiss is an (in)famous scientific demonstration first conceived by the German scientist Georg Mathias Bose (1710 – 1761).

The Electric Kiss became very popular in the 18th Century, when performances involved an attractive young lady being charged up to a very high electrical charge by means of an electrostatic generator. She would invite someone from the public to kiss her, just before the moment supreme, a strong discharging spark would jump between their lips.